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KING SKY INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LTD air Department, to create an international cargo service fast, efficient, considerate for you, main and international air forwarding service in Southern China and the Pearl River Delta region, the mainadvantage of the current focus on India and the Middle East, Europe and America line, strategic partners around every corner of the world, in Guangzhou, Shenzhen,Hongkong, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou are equipped with receiving point.

Air transport services

The entrance of air service

Plate air service

Door to door service

Professional equipment transportation service

Customs clearance service

Cargo insurance services

Shenzhen airport main partner Airlines:

* air (CA) advantage routes: Europe, North America, central and South America

* the Federal Express (UPS) advantage routes: Europe, America

* Korean Airlines (KE) advantage routes: Europe, Southeast Asia

Hongkong airport main partner airlines:

* the United Arab Emirates Airline (EK) superiority route: the Middle East, Europe

* India jet (9W) superiority route: India

* the Federal Express (UPS) advantage routes: Europe, America

* Luxemburg aviation (CV) advantage routes: Europe

* Cathay Pacific (CX) advantage routes: Europe, America