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LCL business representatives
Gender£º *
Education£º Junior College
- Familiar with international freight forwarding business process;
- college degree or above, major is not restricted, more than half of the peer or related working experience;
- verbal expression and communication skills, good personality, Cantonese is preferred;
- good English (reached the national standard grade four is preferred);
- hard-working spirit;
- rich commercial experience in social practice, with company working experience is preferred;
Post requirements:
Work experience: more than one year
Language: good English
Education: College
Resume: (delivery. Please indicate the position)
Age Requirements£º* people£º*
Air operations on behalf of
Gender£º *
Education£º College
- Good English, proficient use of WORD EXCEL and other common office software;
- Work hard, have good communication skills, with a keen insight into the market;
- Have business experience, business knowledge, business experience is particularly relevant industry priorities;
- Have business experience in international air transport industry priorities;
- Motivated, hard working, a team player, honest and trustworthy, able to withstand the harsh business pressures;
Number: some
Work Experience: More than a year
Language: English good
Education: College
Resume Delivery: (please specify employment jobs when delivery)
Age Requirements£º* people£º*

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